Monday, February 12, 2007

Pop Culture and Sports

Well, although I do want this blog to reflect my life as a media specialist, I did say that I would HAVE to post about some other fun things once in awhile.

Well the 49th annual Grammy Awards were last night and my man, Jon Bon Jovi won for best country collaboration (CONGRATS BON JOVI) and some great strong women, Mary J. Blige and The Dixie Chicks won BIG last night. I am not a country music fan, but I do like *some* of the Dixie Chick's songs and I was especially happy about their wins last night because of the controversy that has surrounded them in recent years. In a connection to the media center, maybe with the Grammy's happening this past week, highlight some musician biographies or music books in your library (see, there can ALWYS be a connection to POP culture in the library!)

In sports news - BASEBALL SPRING TRAINING STARTS THIS WEEK - woohoo! The Red Sox start reporting this week, with their first practice on Friday. Hopefully we can make the playoffs this year, last fall was a disappointment with us not even making the playoffs, but as a life-long Red Sox fan, it isn't as if we aren't used to disappointing season ending games. My sons' also start their baseball season next week, it just kills me that at the ages of 6 & almost 11 that they will be braving cold temps. to practice 4x a week, and this is suppose to be FUN - handling a metal bat in 40 degree weather is not FUN to me, but I guess to the boys it is, they can't wait to get back out on the field - brrrr!

I am getting some work done at home today since I have a sick child, I just hope that my other 2 don't come down with whatever my oldest has.

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