Thursday, February 8, 2007

Welcome to My World

I have been thinking about doing a blog for awhile, but two things were delaying my decision:

a. what to blog about. Did I want to jump into the world of Kidlit bloggers or get on the band wagon of the mommy bloggers?
b. what I wanted to name said blog - something fun, something wild, something sexy, something not so boring.

Well, as you can see by the title of the blog, I decided to start a blog in the kidlitosphere (thanks to Elizabeth Burns for that term from her article in School Library Journal this month) but as you can tell by the title of this blog, I did not achieve a something wild, something fun, something sexy title. Instead the title comes from a lesson I do every year with my 4th grade students about biographies titled Biography Stew (which is a very fun lesson, which involves food and me dressing up, but I digress...) So for now, that's the title of the blog. Maybe someday when inspiration hits me in the shower (where it always does!) I will change it to something more fun, more wild and not so boring.

One of the reasons I decided to join the ranks of the already crowded kiddie lit blogging field is that I noticed that many of the bloggers out there are public librarians and not so many school librarians (or as we like to be called, media specialists or as I prefer, media goddess). My blog will not be as much about book reviews, but what books I am buying, what books I am reading (myself and to my students) and also technology news, tools and websites that might help the school media specialist or anyone teaching or raising children. Of course I might have to include from time to time a snippet or two about my kids, the Boston Red Sox and Jon Bon Jovi because, well it's fun!

Thanks for joining me at my table, lets get cooking.

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