Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sunday Video

I just finished editing and uploading a video I created to show on Veteran's Day at school. YES, I know I am a little early, but this video is close to my heart - it is my son interviewing his great grandfather (my paternal grandfather and the man he was named after) about his time in World War II and his purple heart. My son had a little trouble getting serious, and he has some work to do on his delivery before he becomes a TV weather man (what he wants to do when he grows up ..of course after he becomes a major league baseball star... ahh to be 9).

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Great Parties

In my next life, I want to plan book release parties - is there such a job - maybe book publicist?

Look at this GREAT book release party that Grace Lin had for her newest book - Ling & Ting - the fact that she MADE the cupcakes and the cupcake toppers - that is a dedicated author!

Now to think of how I can use cupcakes in the media center next year - I LOVE cupcakes....

Here is a cute trailer for the book

And all good things must come to an end...

I know it is only mid July, but as far as I am concerned summer is over. My "summer" is the three weeks that I trek with my kids up to Massachusetts. While I have lived in Atlanta ALMOST longer than I lived in Massachusetts, it will always be home and I am thankful that I am able to go "home" for such a long time each summer. I am also thankful that my family has a house on Cape Cod. Here is my photo essay of "What I Did on my Summer Vacation"

While we were in Massachusetts we got to take a road trip to Maine and visit author Matt Tavares and his family and hang out in BEAUTIFUL Ogunquit, ME

We got to hang out with cousins - and they are just SOO cute

And explore on the beach for lots of COOL things - jellyfish, sand dollars & lots of shells!

and we got knocked down by BIG waves and FROZE in the 56 degree water (at Nauset Beach..where they spotted a great white shark the NEXT day!)

And we took a boat to the beautiful island of Martha's Vineyard

We made it to Fenway Park (although I didn't get to go INSIDE, but my Dad, brother Tim, Brother in Law Joe and my son James DID get to go inside!)

and what is better than eating ice cream on the beach while looking at this

So now it is back to work - this week I have been getting in gear - thinking of things for next year, starting order lists of supplies I need and getting the last of my web 2.0 course modules done. I can't believe that the new school year is almost here!