Sunday, February 18, 2007

NY Times has gotten into the debate

what's next, the Today show tomorrow morning?

here is the link to the NYT article today.

I think the thing that gets me upset when there are issues like this is that it makes the sterotype of the school librarian (or really librarians in general) ring true. Although in the online version of the Times article, there is only a picture of the author, with the comments that many of the school librarians make in the article, I can just picture a gray-haired woman in her mid-fifties with glasses and a smart looking skirt and sensible shoes saying that she feels uncomfortable putting a book in her collection with the word "scrotum" in it.

sigh, maybe that is why I bought the book, I am not the sterotypical school librarian, I actually see myself as something of a rebel most days, of course I always thought that was because of my streaked highlighted hair and the red cowgirl boots that I wear to school, not because I put a book with the word "scrotum" in my collection!

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