Thursday, February 22, 2007

Count Down to Read Across America Day

I am home with a sick child today so I am catching up on some things and trying to narrow down my choices of what children's book character I am going to dress up as next week for my annual celebration of NEA's Read Across America day (RAA Day). At my school because of some scheduling issues, we are actually going to celebrate on Thursday March 1st instead of the actual day on Friday March 2nd. This year RAA Day is celebrating the 50th anniversary of The Cat In The Hat!

The first year I was a media specialist (4 years ago) I started this celebration at my school and I invited different people in our community to come and read to our students. I wore a cat in the hat, hat and I decorated the media center in Dr. Seuss gear. I did this for two years and it worked out ok, scheduling teachers and guest readers became a nightmare and I had teachers who were unhappy with their assigned reader or their assigned reader time, it was just too stressful and not FUN. SO last year I asked each teacher to find their own guest reader and I sponsored a contest for the teachers, dress as a children's book character. I had about 9 teachers participate last year. I took their pictures as they came in the building in the morning, then I set the pictures out in the hallway near the media center and the students could vote for their favorite. The winner was awarded a $25 gift certificate (I know how to bribe!) and once again, it was a FUN day. I dressed up as Lilly (see my FLickr photos) from Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse by Kevin Henkes last year, now how do I top that?

I had a few thoughts, Angelina Ballerina (because I already have a tutu) or the girl from David Shannon's A Bad Case of Stripes, but having all that face paint on my face all day will wreak havoc on my face. For a few minutes I thought of Captain Underpants, but I do still need to keep this job until May, so that might be out. I want something that the kids will recognize, but that is fairly easy to make the costume and comfortable to wear most of the day. If you have any suggestions, I need them!!

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bookbk said...

Oh, I admire your industry! I've never done that much work for Read Across America week. Last year I had a big contest: a bunch of teachers told me their favorite childhood books and gave me baby pictures, and I made up hints and had kids match the books to the teachers. This year has been sort of crazy, so all I did for Read Across America was to schedule our author visit for that week.

Now, hmm, costume suggestions: Well, once for Purim (Jewish dress-up holiday) I wore my tie-dyed dress and stripey socks and came in as the Reading Rainbow. It's not as cool as Lilly, but it is surprising!

Or... you could be a Green Egg and Ham?