Wednesday, February 28, 2007

What Kindergaten's Reading: Dr. Seuss

It is Dr. Seuss Week here in our neck of the woods in honor of Read Across America Day so, big surprise, I am reading a Dr. Seuss book to kindergarten this week. I chose a book that teachers might not necessarily read to the kids, Horton Hatches The Egg. I also realized why it is a book that teachers don't read to their students, it is LONG - I am EXHAUSTED after I get through reading this to the kids!

This is the story of Horton, he is a nice elephant, always stays true to his word and when he decides to help out Mayzie the bird sit on her egg so she can get a vacation, nothing, NOTHING will stop Horton from sitting on that egg. It is typical Dr. Seuss rhyme and classic Dr. Seuss illustrations. As with most of his books, it does have a message in there that most adults get but it skips right over the kids. The kids enjoy it when I read Dr. Seuss because I tend to do it very quickly and with a lot of energy, something about the way he writes makes me think that his books were meant to be read this way. This is also why I am exhausted and froggy voiced after reading this book, especially when I have to read it 3 times in a row to different classes.

Tomorrow is the big day here at my school. Check back tomorrow and I will have some pictures of what people dressed up as for Read Across America day - and I will unveil my costume (I think I finally have a decision made!)

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