Tuesday, March 27, 2007

What Kindergarten's Reading: Moe The Dog in Tropical Paradise

There are some weeks when I just don't know what I want to read to Kindergarten. This is the week before spring break here and our schedule is crazy (events for religious education, field trips etc..). Many of the teachers have been reading my good Easter and Spring books, so I didn't want to repeat them to the students, so I went shelf surfing. This is where I look through the shelves to find something different to read to the kids, something that they wouldn't normally read themselves, or even have had a teacher read to them. And usually, I find something "new" that I hadn't seen before in the collection.

My shelf surfing led me to Moe the Dog in Tropical Paradise by Diane Stanley and illustrated by Elise Primavera.

This is the story of two dogs, Moe and Arlene. They are on vacation for the week, but are stuck in their snowy, cold town. So Moe gets inspired and creates a tropical paradise in his house, complete with pool and sand! He invites Arlene over and the two of them have a grand vacation, without getting a sunburn.

I chose this book because, although many of my students are lucky enough to be going away for spring break, their media specialist is NOT, so this story is making ME feel better about not spending my week sitting on a beach sipping a fruity drink. Instead I will be playing crowd control to my own 3 kids, and maybe getting a little sand and a wading pool for my backyard to create my own paradise (at least here in Atlanta it is warm and hopefully the weather will stay warm and sunny next week.)

I wish I had found this book earlier (don't I say this every week!) and had thought to bring in my beach chair and pool toys to liven up the atmosphere in the media center - oh well, maybe next year!

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