Thursday, March 15, 2007

Men's NCAA Final Four Geography Challenge

For four years now I have run a geography challenge contest for my students with the NCAA men's Final Four as the tie in.

Basically, I take a BIG map and on the Monday after the brackets are announced I type out the names of the schools and where they are located (city and state) and I print them on labels. Then I take map pins and put a map pin with a piece of string attached to it leading to the sticker, which I put on the map. So right now, I have a pretty crowded map, with 64 teams represented. On Monday I will take off the teams that lost this weekend and start with new questions.

A picture of the board outside the media center

I had to show this, my Dad's Alma Mater, Holy Cross in Worcester, MA made the tournament!

I ask a new question every other day and the students answer the question and put the answer in a box in the media center. I choose two winners and they get a small prize from my prize box.

I got this idea from the media specialist I did my internship with. She was young and from Indiana, home of college basketball and the year she started this challenge, her alma mater, Butler University, was in the Tournament (they are this year too!) So, when I got this job, like all good media specialists, I borrowed her idea to use at my school, and I have been doing it ever since.

My question today is, How many teams are located in states that border a Great Lake?

Do you have the answer??

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