Friday, March 16, 2007

Happy St. Patrick's Day!- Limericks!

As promised, a few of my students' limericks that we wrote this week. We wrote them as a class and the kids really had a great time coming up with rhyming words.


St. Patrick’s Day in the city
My brother found a kitty
He thought it was a bat
But it really was a hat
And a girl thought it was pretty

1st grade

St. Patrick’s Day in Atlanta
We’re hoping to see Hannah Montana
She’s a big star
And rides in a limo car
She’s almost as old as my nana

2nd grade

A Leprechaun I met from the Emerald Isle
Had to walk a million miles
To get to his gold
Before it got cold
And that really made him smile

Slainte (cheers in Gaelic) to hear how to pronounce this and other Gaelic words, click here.

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