Friday, March 30, 2007

Spring break - BLAH

Ok, Spring break for me starts in about 2 hours , so I am sitting in the media center right now, which is across from the main office, watching half our student body being checked out by their parents. No doubt being checked out to go to fun places,....

places with sand and pools and food that someone else cooks.

As for me, I will be spending spring break with my 3 kids at home. They will be whining that we didn't go somewhere fun and they will be making huge messes in my house. They will complain every 10 seconds of the day how BORED they are and then they will whine when I suggest a trip to the zoo or the mall or the movies. I am also pretty sure that I will hear about every 20 seconds that we have no food in the house, which might be true, because the kids eat their weight in food about every 3 hours (or so it seems, and why can't I do that and be as skinny as my kids are???)

I guess I should get a better attitude, think of all the fun things we can do here in Atlanta. But right now all I want is sand between my toes and a drink with an umbrella and rum in it.

On a more upbeat note, I do hope to read a few books - I have Rules by Cynthia Lord in my bag, and I have the Nora Ephron book that a friend gave me, plus at least one other is waiting for me at the public library. The Red Sox start their season on Monday and hopefully we'll get to catch the game on tv.. maybe this week won't be SO bad.....At least I don't have to go to work, unlike my husband who will be working all week and not only working, but having to navigate downtown Atlanta traffic Monday night during the final four game

Maybe what I need is just to buy some rum and little umbrellas - sit on my deck with a book and a fruity drink... I think that might help alot!

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Jen said...

At my house, we sometimes drink fruity drinks with umbrellas WHILE watching the Red Sox. Of course there are no kids here, so it's a bit easier... I hope that spring break ends up enjoyable for you.

Jen Robinson