Monday, March 26, 2007

Diary Day

Another non-library/kidlit post, but something interesting.

Lady Speed Stick (never thought I would see those words in my blog!) and the National Day Diary project are having a National Day Diary project on March 27th (TOMORROW). Here is what they have up on their website:

Record a day diary in whatever format you are comfortable. Write down everything that occurs in a 24-hour period, from the ordinary to the extraordinary. Itineraries, activities, thoughts, and feelings are all fair game for a diary. For more help, see How to Day Diary, or read some diary submissions.
Submit your day diary online and share your 24/7 life with other women!
Submissions with a March 27, 2007 date may also qualify for a chance to be published in Joni Cole's upcoming book, This Day in the Life of Working Women. Joni's new book will celebrate the lives of working women, whether that work comes with a paycheck or not.
Submissions for the March 27 diary date can be entered online from March 27-April 6, 2007 to qualify for a chance at publication.
Read the full
contest rules.

I am thinking of trying this out - just need to find the time during the day to actually write down what I am doing. Kind of wish it was today, Monday's at our house are CRAZY - baseball for both boys, dance class for my daughter and for me and there is usually something else mixed in there. Plus it is a busy day at work, I teach 4 classes on Monday plus our check in box is usually full to the gills.

If I decide to do this I will post my diary entry here also. Anyone else up for this?

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