Tuesday, March 13, 2007

There once was a librarian in Dacula

who really loved to hula
she spun around wild
like she was a child
but then she ran into a doula

ok, so it isn't very good, but it is a LIMERICK. That is what is on the plate here in the library stew media center this week in honor of ol' ST. Paddy's day.

I am reading to my younger kids the book by John Ciardi The Hopeful Trout and other Limericks. While the book is not specifically "Irish" limericks, they are cute limericks geared toward kids (many Irish limericks are better left at the Pub!) Susan Meddaugh has some great b/w illustrations to go along with the nonsense limericks, my favorite is on page 21, the illustration to The Halloween House.

After I read the students some of the limericks and explain the rhyme of a limerick, we are going to try and write a few collaboratively.

There is also a great article in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution today in the News For Kids section about Limericks.

I will post some of our limericks later this week, they should be interesting (and hopefully better than what I came up with above!)

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