Thursday, June 21, 2007

Exciting week- nothing to do with Kid Lit at all!

It has been a big summer week here. 1st my boys from New Jersey came out with a new album (Lost Highway) and were on the Today show on Tuesday - now I just have to wait until they tour this winter!

My hometown boys, the Boston Red Sox were in my adopted hometown of Atlanta this week. We had tickets, but the only one that got to go was my oldest son (see next item for why we couldn't make it) and although the boys from beantown gave one to the Braves on Monday, they got them on Tuesday and Wednesday - WTG SOX! And by the way, we are still in 1st place, can't get too excited yet, it is only June, but hey, being in first right now is a nice place to be.

And the best thing to happen this week has been my youngest son. He is 6 and playing on the all star baseball team for our park. His team is now 10-0! They won their first tournament on Saturday (trophy and everything) and we are now playing in the district tournament. Of course since they keep winning, they keep playing, which is wreaking havoc on our home life, since we have to be at the ballpark every night, but it has been a lot of FUN (although we will all be happy this weekend when it will all be OVER for the season!) Here is the link to their picture on our parks website - pretty exciting stuff for a 6 year old!

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Jen Robinson said...

Sorry you didn't get to go see the Sox. We missed them when they were out in Oakland, too. But we're happily watching the standings every day. Yay Red Sox!