Monday, June 11, 2007

She's at it again

Laura Mallory, the mother in Gwinnett County, GA (where I happen to live) is still out to get poor Harry Potter. She started the fight about 2 years ago (!!) She started by requesting that the books be taken out of her child's Gwinnett County school library. The media committee of that particular school denied the request. She brought it to the Gwinnett County school board, they denied the request. She brought it to the State of Georgia school board - gee, THEY denied her request. She then went to the State of Georgia Supreme Court, funny thing, they denied her request. So now, she has an opinion article in the local Atlanta paper, the Atlanta Journal Constitution on her quest to rid our children of Harry Potter. The opinion article is full of bible verses and talk of how Harry Potter books are full of pagan rituals and will drive the children who read them into the practice of witchcraft, Wiccan and the Occult. I guess I should also stop my children from reading anything about the Muslims, Buddhist, Judaism and anything other than christian religions because they might want to try that out too (OH but wait, maybe they shouldn't read anything my husband writes, because, well, he is Jewish you know..)

This woman has an agenda and wants everyone to follow it. She is the kind of parent that makes my skin crawl. They have a set of values (which is good) for their family, but they want the whole world (or at least their whole world) to adopt the values too, and that is just not good.

I could go on and on about this subject and this woman, she really makes my blood boil. But for now, I am just glad that the Gwinnett County school board (who is now my employer), the State of Georgia School board and the State of Georgia supreme court is doing it's job by blocking the removal of Harry from the shelves. I can't imagine working in a library where I cannot guide a child to Harry and see their faces after they have stayed up late for a week to finish the first book and hurry back to me to get the second one.

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Jen Robinson said...

Makes my blood boil, too, Kathy. What is it that makes people think that it's ok to impose their views on other people? Who does this woman think she is exactly? Make whatever choices you want for your own kids, but badgering other people is just ... infuriating.