Monday, June 18, 2007

Nancy Drew

Lazy summer days are perfect for a movie. My daughter and I (and a friend and her daughter) went to see the new Nancy Drew movie over the weekend. Now, if you are looking for a story right from one of her books, look else where, but for a fun "girlie" mystery, this is your movie. My daughter (age 9) and her friend (age 7) both really enjoyed the movie. It was funny in parts, a little suspenseful and it was just fun to see what Nancy was wearing (could she single handily get PLAID back in style???)

What I am hoping, is that when I get back to school, there will be girls waiting to check out their first Nancy Drew book. At my old school, we had an ancient set of Nancy Drew books. They were popular when the 3rd or 4th grade teachers assigned a mystery book report. I am hoping that the movie starts a whole new generation on Nancy.

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