Sunday, September 7, 2008

October is the BEST month

Ok, I must admit that I am a little bias - I have a birthday in October (and gave birth to one child in October) and I still contend that all the "cool" people have birthdays in October - BUT it is shaping up to be a COOl YA celebration in October - I already mentioned that Nick & Norah's Infinite playlist is scheduled to make the big screen in October, but now I find out that John Green's newest book, Paper Towns is scheduled to come out in October also.  Jen Robinson has a review here - and if any of my family is reading this - that would make an EXCELLENT birthday present (along with a new iPod Touch and a gift card to Ann Taylor Loft would just be FABULOUS!).

Am I the only one who misses Brotherhood 2.0 - I do check out John's blog, but I miss the everyday banter between John and Hank!

Maybe they will bring it back for 2009???


scribbler said...

go paper towns!

scribbler said...

plus, do you not visit the ning? almost as good!