Thursday, September 4, 2008

Election Resources

I wanted to share with you something I gave out to my teachers - the books mentioned are books I have in my collection, there are a few other election books out there that I do not have that might also be good - The Kid who Ran President by Dan Gutman is one that comes to mind.

On a somewhat related topic, since I am also a Mom, I find the talk since Sarah Palin was named VP nominee about Moms trying to do it all very interesting. Here is an article from the Boston Globe on the subject. I for one, only have three kids and am not running for Vice President and I KNOW most days I can't do it all, more power to her!

Election 2008

I have put together some resources for you to use for the upcoming Presidential Elections.


PBS Teacher Line:
Videos, lesson plans and other activities

Scholastic news:
Lesson plans (I am using some of these with 5th grade already), video clips of student reporters on the campaign trail and blogs from student reporters. Also election games and student centered articles about each candidate.

Weekly Reader Election Coverage
Blogs by students on the election, games and fun activities for students.

Nickelodeon Kids Pick the President:
Very graphic site about the election, videos, kid polls and articles about how we pick a president

Election day
[ Video ] AV 324.973 ELE Schlessinger Video Productions ; [produced and directed by Fabian-Baber Communication].
Published 1996

Videos from United Streaming

Hail to the Chief: presidential Election
Presidential elections brings the electoral process to life. Students will learn about political platforms, party tickets, and facts about former Presidents. Included are the qualifications of a presidential candidate, the rise of political parties, how presidential caucuses and primaries work, the role of national conventions, the voting process and the role of the electoral college..
22 minutes
Copyright: 2000Grades: Gr. 3 - Gr. 8

So you Want to be President
In the time-honored tradition of political commentary, author Judith St. George and Caldecott Medal winner/illustrator David Small celebrate the public and private lives of forty-two Presidents with humor and flair. Imparting much information and many laughs, this rip-roaring look at the men who have all wanted to be President deserves a place on every library and classroom shelf. Narrated with wit and wisdom by Stockard Channing. Based on the book by Judith St. George and illustrator David Small. Part of the Weston Woods Series.
28 minutes
Copyright: 2002Grades: Gr. 3 - Gr. 5

Understanding the Constitution: The Executive Branch
This series takes a close look at the United States Constitution and how it works.
Learn how the President leads the country. This program clearly explains how the President recommends new legislation to the Congress, exercises veto power, the role of his Cabinet, and the President's responsibilities as Commander in Chief of the military.
22 minutes
Copyright: 2001Grades: Gr. 3 - Gr. 8

Books in our Media Center:

D is for democracy : a citizen's alphabet
[ Book ] 320.973 GRO Grodin, Elissa, 1954-
Published 2004

Voting in an election
[ Book ] 324.6 HAM Hamilton, John.
Published 2005

Presidential elections
[ Book ] 324.6 HAR Harvey, Miles.
Published 1995

Elections in the United States
[ Book ] 324.6 Hea Heath, David, 1948-
Published 1999

Running for office
[ Book ] 324.7 HAM Hamilton, John, 1959-
Published 2005

If I were president
[ Book ] 352.23 Sti Stier, Catherine.
Published 1999

So you want to be president?
[ Book ] 973 St St. George, Judith, 1931-
Published 2000

Pete for president!
[ Book ] E ALB Alberto, Daisy.
Published 2006

Duck for president
[ Book ] E CRO Cronin, Doreen.
Published 2004

My teacher for President
[ Book ] E WIN Winters, Kay.
Published 2004

The class election from the Black Lagoon
[ Book ] FIC Tha Thaler, Mike, 1936-
Published 2003

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