Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I'm back from vacation - and BOY it just makes me wish that the 26 days left of school go by QUICKLY! I love my job, but I also enjoy sleeping and that is what makes summer and vacations so glorious - no alarm going off at 5:30 am!

We had a great time in Boston, even if the Red Sox LOST both games we went to, my father told me I am not allowed to go to any more games this season!

I took the kids on the Freedom Trail and I took lots of pictures and filmed some parts of the trail, I am hoping to make it into a virtual field trip since our 4th graders study the Revolutionary War. I am also thinking of doing some sort of web quest to go along with it - I think this will be my summer project. This summer when we are in Massachusetts I am hoping to get to Lexington & Concord and get some video shot.

I also have to say, Jen Robinson was right, I did LOVE the Steve Kluger book My Most Excellent Year - I think I would have loved it even if it wasn't set in Boston and mentioned the Red Sox on every other page!

The other book I picked up last week was not kid-lit but chick-lit - Jennifer Weiners' new book Certain Girls - and who shows up in her book - none other than Knuffle Bunny by Mo Willems (the main character is reading it to her daughter) how cool is that!

Don't forget that today is TAX day - ugh is all I have to say about that!!!

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Jen Robinson said...

Welcome back! I'm glad that you had a good trip, but I have to agree with your dad. No more games for you this season. Just in case...

So glad that you liked the book. I was pretty sure you would, given the Boston/Red Sox references, and the high quality of the book overall, but I'm still glad.

That is neat about the Jennifer W. book and Knuffle Bunny. I have one of her books that my best friend gave me - it just never makes it to the top of the stack. But now I have another data point about the author's appreciation for kids books, so that will help.