Wednesday, April 23, 2008

And then there was one...

tadpole that is.

We had two that seemed to be growing and doing well. We had an observation time in the media center the other day (the tadpoles had moved into the media center while the classroom was being painted and will stay in here until testing is over) and the first graders were all excited at how much the tadpoles had grown. I am wondering if the fact that one of the tadpoles got spilled out of the cup we were using to observe them had anything to do with his demise - guess we'll never know.

The class also held a little poll, 5 students think the tadpoles are frogs, 7 think they are newts, 4 think they are lizards and one student insisted that it was a dragonfly!

Here are pictures of the tadpoles from the other day (before we lost one).

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