Friday, April 4, 2008

Spring Break!!

it is that time of year when most people in my neck of the woods head to sunshine and fruity drinks. pack up the kids and head to sand and sun - me - nope I'm not that traditional, I go North, where the highs *might* get into the 50's if I am lucky - on they told me to "pack an umbrella". I am unearthing our winter coats and sweaters!

Of course those poor souls enjoying the Florida sunshine don't get to go to TWO Red Sox games next week do they?

I am also packing in my suitcase the new Mike Lupica book - The Big Field 
and also the book by Steve Kluger - My Most Excellent Year - Jen Robinson gave it a GREAT review a few months ago and I just got it from Amazon last week - hopefully my kids will cooperate and let me do a little reading on the plane.

For those of you on Spring Break - ENJOY!

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Jen Robinson said...

I am so envious, Kathy! I hope that you have an amazing time, and enjoy both books. I can't see you NOT liking Steve Kluger's book, really. have a great trip!