Tuesday, April 29, 2008

SLIME Me Baby!

It is science week in the media center again and this time we are making SLIME!

I am reading the book The Secret Science Project That Almost Ate the School by Judy Sierra to the students first - this is a funny, rhyming book about a student who finds a science project on the Internet and when it arrives, it is more than she bargained for. So far, the kids love this book almost as much as the science experiment that we do with it!

Once I finish the book we move on to the making of the SLIME. For the younger students I talk more about liquid and solids and how I am mixing two liquids to make a solid. With the older kids I talk about Polymers, what they are and how the can change from a liquid to a solid and why that happens.

My slime recipe is as follows:

1- 4oz bottle regular white glue (do not use "school" glue )
food coloring
I pour the glue into a bowl and then fill the empty glue bottle with water and mix the glue and water together. I then add a little food coloring (I found some NEON food coloring at my local Kroger)
In a separate container I mix 1/2c. water and 1 teaspoon of Borax. I add the Borax mixture to the glue mixture slowly while stirring and VIOLA - it turns into a slimy mess!

I then flip the slime onto a cookies sheet and I let the kids come and feel and play with the slime. Some of my teachers are using this experience as a writing prompt with the kids, asking them to describe the slime or having them write a story about the slime (The slime that ate my homework!)

A great science resource I have used this year is Steve Spangler Science - he has some great videos and experiments on his website along with some teacher training workshops. He also has a store where can purchase all sorts of science related items.

Here are a few pictures of the SLIME!


Teacherninja said...

Nice! My wife teaches fourth grade and has taught as a science specialist and often has the kids make "Oobleck" when they're studying states of matter.

Marcie said...

This looks like fun... you look like you are a great teacher. I am adding a link to your blog on mine. We own an education supply store in Indiana. I am including links to interesting teacher sites on my blog... you qualify! Very interesting. Love the pics.