Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Today is election day - and as an extra bonus for me, I have the day off from school (many of the polling places in our county are schools).

Many of the members of the kidlitosphere are getting the vote out here, here and here.

I love this idea from Chicken Spaghetti from the NY times and I will be bringing a camera with me when I go vote in about an hour. (note, the NY Times website was REALLY slow to open, I think it might be a bit busy today!)

Laurel had some great ideas about getting kids involved.  At my school we did the National Student/Parent Mock election last week.  The kids were SO excited to vote and I was shocked to learn yesterday that in our VERY Republican area that the vote was very close and Obama WON (by 4 votes). Of course I had to rub it into the teacher that teased me for having an Obama sticker on my car!

I am not taking my kids to vote, well because I am selfish and if I have to wait around for a few hours, I want to read my book (finally getting to read Twilight!) without hearing the whines from my kids, BUT they are all aware of what is going  on in the country and will be watching with me tonight when the results start coming in.

I am hoping it is not a long night - my book fair starts tomorrow!!

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