Thursday, November 20, 2008

All about Nerds..

nerdfighters that is!

There is an awesome interview with the king of the nerdfighters - John Green up at Writing & Ruminating today.

Also, I just finished his newest book, Paper Towns the other night - another great book - what amazes me with John's writing is, I know he is writing about a modern day group of teens, but so many things in the book I can relate to from MY high school days 20 year ago. Margo could just as easily been a girl I hung out with in high school.

The only thing that would lure me into being a high school media specialist would be the ability to purchase books like this for my media center and get to recommend them and discuss them with high schoolers - boy I would love that - but I think I would miss my picture books and story time too much (and since I will soon have high school age children of my own, do I REALLY want to be around all that HS DRAMA at home and at school - although it might be a good way to keep up with my own kids - ha ha!)


Teacherninja said...

Thanks for sharing, from a fellow nerdfighter!

Ms. Yingling said...

High school isn't where it's at... the students come mainly to do research and are "too busy" to read fiction. Middle School is the best place to be. Great books (I am not a picture book fan at all), and they don't leak like elementary students do! Also, it is never, never dull! If you like elementary, you should stay, because anyone dealing with children under the age of ten should get hazard pay!