Saturday, November 15, 2008

What took me SO long??

to finally read Twilight?  I don't know, maybe the vampire theme (I am not a big fantasy person), maybe the size (I don't read BIG, involved books during the school year very much because I don't have time) or well, I have run out of excuses.  So after hearing just about every girl age 11 and up mentioning the book, my dance teacher telling me how great they were, and some of the women in my neighborhood not believing that I hadn't read them yet (after all I am a children's librarian, shouldn't I be ahead of the curve on this one!) I picked up the first one two week ago - WOW.  What a great book, and really, if you discount the fact that the main character is a vampire, really not too much of a fantasy book either!  I zipped through Twilight in a weekend (and now my 11 year old is reading it too) and zipped through New Moon last weekend and am off today to purchase the next two in the series (especially after a friend at dinner last night told a little spoiler about the 4th book - OOH I can't wait to read it).

Of course I wish I had read them sooner, but at least I got into them before the movie comes out next week - so me and half the country can jam into movie theaters next weekend!

I seem to have this habit of coming late to the book party when it comes to blockbuster series - I did the same with Harry Potter, and what got me to start reading that series was grad school - I figured if I was going to be a children's librarian, I better read the hottest book out there for kids (for the record, I liked HP better than I thought I would, but I wouldn't say it was my favorite).


Teacherninja said...

I still haven't read it but John Green was hilarious in his discussion of it when he was at Little Shop in Decatur. I won't tell you what he said until you finish the last one, though.

Jen Robinson said...

Better late to the party than never, I always say. And this way you get to read all four in one big gulp, instead of having to wait for another book.

Corey Schwartz said...

Oh, my writing critique group was just talking about this book. I wasn't going to read it because I only write picture books (and I am not a fan of vampire stuff), but maybe now I will.

Kathy said...

Ok Jim - you will HAVE to tell me - I wish I could have seen John Green - but those pesky kids of mine had other plans for me that night - LOL!

I am Reading Paper Towns right now!