Saturday, October 6, 2007


what a game last night - Manny pulling it out with a homer in the 9th inning to win. The team is up 2 games, one more win and they win the series.

And of course, who can't be just a little happy that the Yankees lost last night and are 2 games in the hole in their series.

Baseball in October, another reason why October is my favorite month of the year!!

Watching the game on TBS last night, all the promo's featured a song and pictures of my man, Jon Bon Jovi - ahh - could life get any better???


Mrs. G. said...

I watched this game last night and it was spectacular! We built a fire and popped some popcorn and yelled like idiots...even threw a few throw pillows up in the air. A librarian who is all about Jon Bon Jovi? Nice, very nice.

Go Sox!

Annie said...

Yay, I'm with you, Kathy! And now the Yanks are out of the mighty have fallen.

Cheers from Massachusetts & thanks for your comment. Good to hear from you again!