Wednesday, October 24, 2007

How COOL is this!!

My sister just e-mailed me about a book, not unusual (I am a librarian after all) but this is about a book by an author who grew up in the same small town as we did and in her book put many references to said town. Of course when I heard who the author was I was like, HEY I think I know that name - and sure enough, a few mouse clicks away and I realize that Sara Beth Durst is a kidlit blogger also! I KNEW I had heard that name before.

The books is called Into The Wild - and now I am DYING to get my hands on it. Of course my local bookstores do not have it in so I am off to Amazon - I am SO excited to read this book now.

Here are some reviews, one by Jen from Jen Robinson's bookpage and Betsy from Fuse #8.

Check out Sara's blog from this week, she is visiting schools in "our" town, she went to my old elementary school on Monday and is visiting my old middle school on Friday. Who knew our small little hole in the wall town would one day be in a book!

oh..and GO SOX!!!


Jen Robinson said...

How funny. I didn't ever make that connection, that that was your specific town. That's very cool! I think you'll have a special appreciation of the book. Thanks for linking to my review.

And GO SOX, of course. I haven't started watching, because I need to wait for my viewing companion to get home from his workplace. But it is killing me to wait.

Nancy said...

Hi Kathy,
As the school librarian at Peaslee School in Northborough, I just hosted Sarah Beth Durst for a visit with our 4th and 5th graders. She is so charming, wonderful with the students , impressed the teachers and me as well. What a week!! Sarah Beth visits all the schools in Northborough and the Sox are in the series. Woot Woot, or as Sarah would say "Snoopy Dance of Joy".

You must read the book. It is terrific and especially fun to recognize all the Northborough hot spots.

Glad to find a fellow Northboro-ite, Sox Fan and Librarian all rolled up into one.

Go Sox!

Nancy Kellner