Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Election Webquest

I have already mentioned some great election websites and lessons plans for the upcoming election, but I have a webquest that I created I wanted to share.

I created this webquest to work with the electronic databases that my school district subscribes to, so while the actual website I created will not work for you and your students, you can easily create a webquest to work within your school and the resources your school has.

I start the lesson with the kids by showing them the first segment of this episode of CNN student news on the Presidential debate on Oct 7th.

Then I direct them to this website I created on googlepages (have you created a webpage yet using this, what a GREAT thing for educators to use!!). I also give the kids a handout of the webpage so they can write the answers to the questions on the page and they don't have to toggle back and forth to the webpage.

I used this with 5th grade students, but you could adapt it to lower or upper grades also. I love that this lesson plan incorporates a lesson on the election issues and current events and also a lesson on using the databases for research, my teachers also love when I give a two-fer in learning!

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