Thursday, October 16, 2008

Conference day

Today and tomorrow I am attending the GA Como conference (GA Council of Media Organizations) with many of my fellow media specialists in the area.

This is a conference that my district pays for me to attend, and to be honest, today's conference was not inspiring or interesting or career changing ( as other conferences I have attended have been) no, for the most part, it was boring!

There were a few bright moments, talking and connecting with colleagues. Getting to connect with some TIE network friends and the only presentation (except for the TIE session) that was even remotely interesting was the presentation by the 2008 GA Media Specialists of the year.

I love connecting with other people in my field and meeting authors and hearing ideas from others in my field, which is usually what happens at a conference, but not today.

I have to go back tomorrow, the bright spot is I will listen to a colleague present a session about book challenges (she survived NINE in one year!) and author/storyteller Carmen Deedy is doing the last keynote - and she is always fun to listen to.


Teacherninja said...

Kristie M? She's mine! w00t!

Teacherninja said...

Was that Kristie M? She's my media Specialist! Yay! She so rocks.