Thursday, May 15, 2008

Summer Reading at the Rock

Well here it is, my long awaited summer reading program.

There had never been anything formal done here at my school and there is no mandatory summer reading list like there was at my old (Catholic) school. So I decided not to reinvent the wheel. Our Public Library has a great program and so does Barnes & Noble. I created a tri-fold brochure (which was a good idea until I had to fold 1150 of them!) and took a page to highlight the public library program and a page to highlight the Barnes & Noble program. Then I added in two elements of my own. Here is the copy from my brochure detailing my program:

This summer the Rock Springs Media Center is holding a summer reading program that will ROCK your summer.
The rules are easy,
1. All you have to do is READ some great books this summer
2. Complete TWO of the activities listed below
3. Fill out the Rock Springs Rocks Summer Reading form on the back of this flyer
4. Hand it into the Media Center on Registration day in August (August 7, 2008). You will receive a prize for being a Rocking Summer Reader.

Complete TWO of these activities:
1. Participate in the Gwinnett County Library Summer Reading Program (see page 3)
2. Participate in the Barnes & Noble Summer Reading Program (see pg. 4)
3. Send Mrs. Schmidt a postcard this summer about a book you are reading (see pg. 6)

I also have another element - a summer reading BLOG. ON the blog I have put up links to reading lists and links to the summer reading programs I have mentioned. I also plan on blogging about the books I read (well the kid-lit books) and maybe some kid-lit related news. I have also promised some of my students that I would post my SLIME recipe for them and maybe a few other science experiments over the summer.

The link to my summer reading page is here.

I am planning on using the postcards to create my bulletin board outside the media center for the beginning of school.

Like my reading Raptors program, I guess we'll use this as a learning year and see how much participation I get come August. Of course I have NO IDEA what the prize will be for completing this program - but I have until August 7th to figure it out. Any ideas on CHEAP prizes are welcome!

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