Monday, February 1, 2010


I found this TED video from Amy Bowllan of the SLJ blog, Bowllans blog. This video is a talk by story teller Chimamanda Adichie from the 2009 TED International conference. Adichie talks about how people can have stereotypes just from the stories that they read and hear. This REALLY made me think about what kind of books I use for story time and how I need to diversify what I read to the students. Our school population is increasingly becoming more diverse, not just more Hispanics and African Americans, but more Asian students and we have quite a few students from Slavic countries as well. It is worth it to take 20 minutes to watch this.


Jim said...

I love TED talks. Some are better than others, but I always learn something new.

Jim said...

I bestow upon you a great honor: