Sunday, December 14, 2008

Best Lists

I love getting the end of year "Best Of" lists, mainly so I can see which books, movies and place I have totally missed in 2008!

Here is the NY Times Notable Children's books of 2008 - I have only read one of them - Frankie Landau Banks  - which I LOVED  - but at least I have HEARD of a few more of them, does that count??

In the Times Best Illustrated Children's Books of 2008, I ordered 2 of them for the media center (Black Book of Colors and We Are The Ship) but have not heard of ANY of the others.

SLJ has a larger Best of 2008 lists, which thankfully I recognize a few more titles on that list, but there are still some head scratchers for me - and I READ the print SLJ every month!

Susan at Chicken Spaghetti has a list of many more Best of 2008 lists - I am a little scared to  take a look at some of them, if I start NOT recognizing too many of the book I might have to rethink my career - LOL!

These lists are beginning to make me wonder what review sources I am NOT reading.....

No I just have to wait until Christmas morning when I get my annual People Best of 2008 issue in my stocking to pour over more things I missed in 2008!

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Teacherninja said...

Librarians love a list, don't they?