Sunday, March 2, 2008

I met MO!

at the GA Children's Literature Conference yesterday - one word for his presentation - 


I will add a picture tomorrow when I am at work (at home we have a MAC and Blogger does not support adding pictures with a MAC!!!)

Also heard David Wiesner - he also had a FABULOUS presentation, although he made me feel a  little guilty, he told us his Mom saved ALL his artwork and he showed us quite a bit of his work from his younger years - while I do save some of my kids artwork, I have been in the mode of look and throw lately, we just have too much darn paper in our house - I just know now that one of my kids will be come some famous artist some day and I'll be wishing I had them.

Tomorrow is our schools Read Across America Day celebration - I am SO excited about my costume (the teachers dress as a children's book character). Be on the look out for some pictures!

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