Thursday, March 6, 2008

Best Sellers at the Rock

ltuwzntzAs my book fair winds down (tomorrow is the last day - WAHOOOO!) I wanted to reflect on what has been the best sellers at this book fair.  I am pretty sure the best sellers are tied to what was on the book fair flyer that went home, but I really think that title plays a BIG part in how/what the kids select.

Our top 5 sellers

Swindle by Gordon Korman
Nims Island by Wendy Orr

I tried to talk up Cornelia to quite a few kids and that has sold fairly well too. Of course the good old Guinness book of World Records has sold out as have the many sports non-fiction books that we have had. I was so glad when we sold out of Pokemon and I had a student buy a READING book instead!!  

For those of you who do book fairs, we did ours with Scholastic and I requested BOOKS ONLY - we did have one tray of pencils and bookmarks near the register in case we needed to make "change" (we can't give change for checks and many parents write checks for $10 and the kid buys a book for 8.99) I have had SO many compliments from parents and teachers for doing it this way, I was thinking of just doing it this way once a year, but I am thinking of doing it this way EVERY time.

I can't wait until it is ALL over tomorrow!

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