Sunday, February 10, 2008

Nature - Growing Frogs

I am back - last week was full of depression after the super bowl loss on Sunday (and to make it even worse, I was at a party with plenty of Giants fans!) and then I had a wild and crazy Mo Willems week in the media center. I will post soon some of our entries to Mo's contest - I hope we win!!!!

My youngest son (age 7) has been playing in the mud. Behind our neighbors house there is a wooded area with a creek that runs through it (we've lived here 2.5 years and I never knew this was back there!)  yesterday they discovered frog eggs!  And somehow my son convinced me that we needed to keep them and watch them grow into tadpoles.  So after a trip to Walmart to buy some supplies we are now the proud owners of two frog egg sacs.  We are going to take them into school tomorrow to show his class and then we will wait and watch and *hopefully* some of these eggs will turn into tadpoles.  

As luck would have it, I just purchases the book Life Cycle of a Frog by Ruth Thompson so I am thinking of a way to share these in the media center - not sure yet what I will do, but how often do I have the chance to bring some
 science into the media center.

James looking for the eggs

egg sac in the murky water

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