Friday, February 22, 2008

Don't you hate it when...

You can't find a book - a book that you read to your students EVERY year and somehow it has just disappeared from your house.

I hate it even MORE when said book that has vanished into thin air is no longer in print. Your public library does not have a copy, YOUR own media center does not have a copy and no one you know has a copy either (hence why you loved to read it every year, most kids had never heard of it!).

The book in question is Just Like Abraham Lincoln by Bernard Waber and I just know that the book will turn up somewhere tonight - AFTER I had planned to read it this week!

So instead, I choose to read A. Lincoln and Me by Louise Borden and illustrated by Ted Lewin. It was an ok 2nd choice. I wanted to read a fiction book (which this is) and I wanted it to talk about Abe Lincoln, but it just wasn't quite as funny as the Waber book and many of the references to Lincoln were a little over my younger kids heads.

So if I can't find the Waber book, I guess I will be shelling out some $$ to purchase it through Amazon - sigh - it has to around my house SOMEWHERE!!

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