Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Another reason to Love MO!

Mo Willems that is.

He has a great article on Scholastic on making reading FUN.

Although, I can tell that his daughter is still fairly young, he mentions in the article that
"You may not know this, but you are a very cool person (to your kid, at least). Seriously, pretty much everything you do is cool. If you mow the lawn, that's cool. If you eat chocolate ice cream, that's cool."

My eleven year old thinks that NOTHING I do is COOL and his almost 10 year old sister is *almost* at that point also, she only thinks about 10% of what I do is cool and only if it involves me buying her something!

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Jen Robinson said...

Further evidence for the "catch 'em early" theory of raising readers, that's for sure.

I have noticed that if you're an aunt or uncle (at least a cool aunt or uncle) you stay cool a bit longer. Hmm... suggesting that aunts and uncles could have a bigger impact on literacy than previously suspected.