Sunday, August 26, 2007

I forget how EXHAUSTING...

the first few weeks of school are! Between lunch duty (with Kindergarten no less) and running around the school delivering teachers books and overheads and overhead bulbs not to mention doing my orientation (to 5th grade last week) and trying to learn the names of not only the staff, but now the students. I have had many things I have wanted to blog about, but am just to darn tired at the end of the day, which doesn't end once I leave school, with three kids in 3 different activities, I run around town the rest of the night! I can't wait until our area has public WiFi, then I can blog and work on the net while sitting at football practice!

Another note, or should I say a complaint. It has been over 100 degrees almost every day since school started (10 days ago) and many of our classes are not going outside for recess because the air quality if very poor and our poor PE teachers, the gym is not air conditioned, so PE is a very HOT activity no matter where they have it. A year or so ago the Georgia Assembly tried to pass a law that stated that school could not start in the State of Georgia before the 4th week of August. While next week is the 4th week of August and it is predicted to be almost as hot (I hear it might cool down to 89!!), I think for the health of the students and staff, they need to look at this again. not to mention how much they are spending to cool off the schools!

Luckily for me, the media center at my school seems to be the coolest spot in the building!

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