Monday, July 23, 2007

Vacation's Over, T-3 weeks and counting until summer is OVER

Well, my kids summer anyway. School starts here 3 weeks from today. I actually have a training session today and tomorrow and then I have more " new employee" training 2 days next week then pre-planning starts 2 weeks from today. I love being away for 3 weeks, but I need 3 more weeks to recover from our vacation!

I read a TON while on vacation, a combination of adult books and kid lit, a few mini reviews to come.

Right now I am freaking out at how much I have to do before the students come on August 13th. I forgot how hard it is to start a new job. The summer before I started my last job, I was still in school and spent most of the summer preparing for my new job (it also counted toward credit for grad. school). This year I have thought about things, gone over to the new school twice, but really, haven't done much to really "prepare". So now in addition to trying to school shop for the kids, getting my oldest son to football practice every night (it starts next Monday) and getting my house back in order (maybe by the time school starts the suitcases will be unpacked and put away!) I will be freaking out at what seem right now a HUGE amount of things I need to do to get ready for next school year. I didn't think I would be this nervous about the new job, especially because I know HOW to be a media specialist now (my last job was my first as a media specialist and my first in education) I just need to learn how to do it at a different school - piece of cake, right?

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