Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Things you miss while on vacation

Librarians are Hip - who knew!

Back a few weeks ago the NYTimes had an article about Hip Librarians. I was disappointed to see that they did not include any school librarians aka media specialists in the article, but I was happy to see that maybe, just maybe the days of the little grey haired lady with the glasses and cardigan sweater are almost over! Since becoming a librarian, I have really tried hard to not be the stereotype (and in Catholic school that is even tougher, the stereotype of a Catholic school librarian is a NUN!) and even though I am a librarian AND a Mom AND close to that big 4-0 number in age, I like to think I am semi-hip - hey, I keep telling my kids that for my big 4-0 birthday I want a tattoo - that's hip, right (although the PAIN factor might make me chicken out!). But the things that the article says make these librarians "hip" are things I do, I go out to bars and drink (although not every night), go to rock concerts(last one was Eric Clapton) and I love pop culture and technology. I may not dress in thrift store chic (I like my Ann Taylor Loft!) but I don't wear sensible shoes and cardigans either.

Here (raising a watermelon martini) is a toast to breaking the stereotype for librarians everywhere!!!

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