Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Well it is official, it is SUMMER VACATION - and I am done at my old school. It is really bittersweet, I am going to miss alot of things about my old school, namely the people and the students and the religious environment. I certainly missed my kids being in uniforms this year when we had to switch them to public school. But I am excited about my new position. The media center I am going to is HUGE and BEAUTIFUL. I know a few of the families in my new school and they are wonderful. I will have lots of resources at my fingertips and hopefully lots of teachers who want my help. My youngest son is coming to school with me, which is a first for him and me, so that will be nice, but my other 2 kids will be in different schools, one in middle school, the other is staying at the elementary school she was in this year in our neighborhood. With gas at over $3 a gallon here, I will be looking forward to my 6 mile commute, right now my commute is 27 miles. But for the next 2 months I only want my daily commute to be to the pool!

I have 2 books on hold right now at the library which I am picking up tonight and I hope to be doing a lot of reading this summer!

Let the summer begin!!!


bookbk said...

Congratulations! My summer doesn't start for another month, so I'm envious.

Thanks for the summer reading resources, too--I'll definitely be using them as I put together summer reading lists and packets for my students!

Stacy (my friends call me Stasia) Dillon said...

Colour me jealous! I have 20 more calendar days til our school + meetings are done. tick tick tick!