Thursday, May 10, 2007

On Pointe

Last night I finished On Pointe, a book by Lorie Ann Grover (and the April choice of ReaderGirlz). What a FABULOUS book. I am not a huge fan of books written in verse, I just feel like when I read a book, I want all the details there, written out for me. I want full sentences! But since the book was about dance (a passion of mine) and it was a ReaderGirlz selection, I wanted to check it out.
It is also one of those books, where it is tagged as a YA/TEEN book, but after reading it, I would feel comfortable suggesting it to students 5th grade and up.
You can find reviews of the book at Lectitans and SLJ. And make sure to check out the play list to go along with it at the ReaderGirlz site.
Little Willow has a great I am a Dancer book list for more dance related books!

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