Monday, April 23, 2007

Count down to Summer!

After today we have 22 days left of the school year. Since my school is a K-8 school, the last month of school is hectic, we have Kindergarten graduation , 8th grade graduation, award ceremonies for each grade level, the annual talent show and field days for each grade. Not to mention field trips! So my schedule is so jumbled up for the last couple of weeks that some days I don't even know who is actually coming into the media center for classes, this makes planning anything kind of hard!

Our school has a required summer reading list for grade 3-8, but I am thinking I would like to highlight some "fun" summer reads for my students and also some ideas of how to make summer reading "fun". ANY suggestions for either of these would be greatly appreciated!

I am also starting to clean out my office. I am leaving this school to go work at a public K-5 school next year. I am excited for the challenge of being somewhere new (and HUGE, 1100 students - WOW!) but I am also sad to leave here, especially since they have yet to find a replacement for me (if you are a media specialist looking for a job at a Catholic school in GA, let me know!!) I have come to realize that I have treated this media center as a child and I am feeling a little sad about letting it go.

On good note, our book fair was last week, and even with me being out the first couple of days of the fair, we took in over $3000 more than last spring and almost took in what we did at the fall book fair (spring fair is always lower in sales for some reason) so I am really excited! Scholastic provided the fair and this year they really worked with me to get our school's summer reading titles on the fair, titles that they would not have stocked otherwise.

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