Wednesday, April 18, 2007

and now back to our regularly scheduled programming

Sorry the pages of Library Stew have been dark - I had to travel to Massachusetts this weekend to attend my grandmothers funeral. We had some wild weather while I was there (snow, sleet, ice, rain, flooding) but the day we buried her it was sunny, and she kept telling her daughters before she died that she wanted to go home and sit in the sun. We also had some other unfortunate news this weekend, while we were away, our neighbor was taking care of our 13 year old dog Carly. We got a call the day of my grandmothers funeral that our dog was not well and my friend ended up taking her to the vet and we had to put her down. So two family members in one weekend, it has been hard on all of us.

But they say to get over some of the grief you should keep yourself busy, well book fair arrived in the media center while I was away and it continues until Friday, so I will certainly be busy!

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Jen said...

Sorry about your losses, Kathy! A tough week all around. Hang in there!

Jen Robinson