Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Feeling Summer!

I am sitting here reading my "students" blogs from my web 2.0 course and I am already SOO proud of these ladies - some of them are coming out of their comfort zone to take this course and it is SO great to see them embrace the technology that I love so much!

My daughter has her annual dance recital this weekend and so we have been listening to the same 5 songs all week that she will be dancing to this weekend - this one brings me back to the 80's - when I thought the B52's were so funny and never in a MILLION years thought that someday I would be "heading down the Atlanta highway" everyday. This song just SCREAMS summer and makes you want to dance!! Happy Tuesday!

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As Cape Cod Turns said...

My brother, sister and I did a lipsynch to that song in Disney World when we were all in our late teens, early 20s. It is the funniest thing ever! We still play the dvd as often as we can!

Happy dance recital weekend!

Your course you created sounds great!