Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween

Today we could dress up as a book character for school - I had a hard time deciding and finally decided at about 3pm yesterday - which explains why I could not find pink pants for my outfit.

Can you guess the book??

Just wish I had more time last night to make pink cupcakes to share at school today - maybe next year!

Today our school systems cable channel is coming here to film a segment for a series they have called the Author in You with local Atlanta author ( and my friend) Laurel Snyder - they usually put up a link to the show once it is live, so I will be sure to add it to the blog. Check out some shows that they have done in the past here.


Teacherninja said...

OMG, I wore the same thing!

Nah, just kidding.


Kathy said...

Ninja, I'll let you borrow it once you become a media specialist :)

Jen Robinson said...

That is very cute! Happy Halloween, Kathy!

Ms. Yingling said...

Your library looks wonderful. I wish I had that much space, but then, we never ask the middle school students to sit on the floor!