Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Odds & Ends

Two very different links today - one from Buffy of the blog Unquiet Librarian - she is a high school media specialist in GA and is SO inspiring. She is teaching a web 2.0 class and her students have lots of LOVE for the library - read her post here - lots of inspiration for those days when you say - WHY do I do this??

On another, sad, note this article came to me today from SLJ about a district in California closing all their school libraries. This is SOO sad to me, not just from a professional aspect (is MY job in jeopardy one of these days?) but it saddens my heart. My guess is, the kids that these schools serve are the ones that NEED access to books and NEED to be taught by a librarian how to search and how to use a library and be shown how AWESOME libraries can be. I hope that somehow they can find the money to keep these libraries open.

And one more article.. one that made me YELL "Someone else gets it!!" after I read it. It is an essay by Susan Straight on the reading program AR (Accelerated Reader.) She says what I have believed for years and have told many a parent and teacher when I have been approached and asked "When is our school going to get AR?" I of course have other issues with it, including the cost and the time it takes to manage the system, but in my heart, the issue I have with it is exactly what Ms. Straight has with it, kids read for the points and are not reading for the pleasure of reading.

I had a tough end of the week last week dealing with some issues about working in a HUGE district and feeling like the "suits" just don't get it...just don't understand what it is like for us in the trenches. I am doing my best to get through my feelings and not blast the district, but it is times like these that I miss being in a small private school (of course I do not miss the small paycheck though). But I am determined to start this week out right. I am doing my LAST orientations this week and will finally get to what I love most about my job, story times and collaborative lessons with teachers - YAY!


Teacherninja said...

California needs them the most! Florida has cut a lot as well...

I loved that Straight article too--maybe I'll post about it just to give it more play.

What don't the "suits" in the district get?

Thanks! Enjoy the Decatur Book Festival!

Jen Robinson said...

Kathy, I just wanted to let you know that, after seeing it here, I Tweeted that SLJ article about the school library closings. And it's generating howls of protest - I've never been retweeted nearly so much. I'm just sorry it's for such a depressing story. But thanks for highlighting - it's good to shine a light on things like this, even if we can't directly do anything.

Kathy said...

Thanks Jen - as a media specialist I think the more people who know about this *maybe* the more people, other than us in the profession, can sing praises about school librarians (and librarians - LOL). I did notice this morning your tweet and had lots of RT from there - which was pretty cool actually!

how about our SOX - crossing my fingers going into September!!

Jen Robinson said...

Re: Libraries, I agree with you about spreading the word.

Re: SOX, I am cautiously optimistic. Some great play recently (both hitting and pitching), which has been lovely to see. (Weird stuff, too, like Nick Green pitching, and Clay Buchholz pinch running, but whatever works).