Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Summer reading

School here in my neck of the woods officially ends a week from today - well for the students anyway and I have been busy telling my students about my summer reading program - which really is just putting together reading incentive program from the local library, Barnes & Noble and Scholastic together in a brochure and offering the students a treat from me when they get back to school in August if they participate in at least 2 of the programs.

To check out my program, check out my school blog (which I have ignored since October... I'll try to do better next year...)

I already have a STACK of books I want to read this summer and a list of projects a mile long -but first, we still have baseball games and dance recitals to get to - hopefully after June 15th I can get some good summer fun going! But for now, our neighborhood pool opens this weekend - I see some poolside reading in my future!


Teacherninja said...


I Like the idea of the media center blog. It seems almost more useful than the media center site it links to. Do you have to have the site, or could you just link the blog from the main school site?

Just wondering.


Kathy said...

the site is left over from the previous media specialist - when I first got here I had the LSTC help me fix some things on it but then never got around to doing anything else - my gaol this year was to use the blog more, but again, I got busy and well.. i think I need ot have a schedule - like every Wed I update it - or something like that!