Friday, March 13, 2009

Where is Bono?

One of my FAVORITE bands (after Bon Jovi, of course) is U2 and to promote their new album they played a FREE concert this week at the Somerville Theatre in Somerville, MA (just outside Boston and coincidentally the theatre is next door to where my Dad works) - so what's this got to do with children's lit - well Publishers Weekly reports that Candlewick Press's offices, which are also just down the street from the theatre, had a little display in their office windows and a contest welcoming Bono and crew.

This is from the PW article:

"For every person photographed in Davis Square with Waldo on the day of the concert, Candlewick will donate one book to the charity of U2’s choice. For every band member photographed with Waldo, they offered to donate 1000 books. Candlewick didn't contact U2 directly, but it was hard to miss the bespectacled children's book character roaming the neighborhood, or the attention local media gave both the windows and the literacy offer.

How cool - I knew U2 was in town and playing in Somerville (my Dad's bank actually had to close early because they were closing the streets in Davis Square) but I didn't realize there was a bookish twist! U2 guitarist the Edge sent a photo of himself and Waldo into Candlewick and they will be donating 1250 books to a Somerville charity in U2's honor.

and just in time for St Patrick's day!

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Laura said...

That's funny - I've seen lots of pictures popping up from Davis Square that night with Waldo in them. I figured it was just someone having a laugh. Good for Candlewick!