Sunday, August 3, 2008

This is it..

the end of the summer for me.  Tomorrow I go back to the grind - getting up at 5:45, getting to school by 7:30 (well, next week with out kids will be a LITTLE easier) and gearing up for 190 days of FUN!

it is SO hard to type that summer is over when it is 90 degrees outside! Although after sitting at sweltering hot football practices for my two boys this week I can't WAIT until the first crisp air of fall arrives (here in Atlanta, some time in late October - ugh!)

So, what did I do this summer?

I watched a LOT of my son's baseball games.
I read (although not as much as I wanted to)
I went to the neighborhood pool
I painted my daughters bedroom
I went to the beach in Massachusetts
I hung out with my family in Massachusetts
I took some technology classes
I finished my short movie field trip about the USS constitution
I walked SOME
and I ate some good food (some of which I cooked, some of which I let other people cook for me!)

What I DIDN'T do :
work on lesson plans
work on a virtual field trip to Lexington and Concord
paint my son's room
blog a lot
exercise a lot (although I did exercise some, just not everyday as I wanted it to be)

So now I have to think of some goals for the school year. Now if I had done some lesson plans during the summer I might have a better road map for this year, but hey, I work well under pressure!

Today I am going to go to the pool with my kids and some friends and then I'll think about my goals for the upcoming year tomorrow!

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