Friday, July 18, 2008

Irlen Syndrome- and an ode to Newspapers

This was an interesting article in the Cape Cod Times this week on a rare reading disorder called Irlen syndrome.

Seems like this syndrome causes problems with the nervous systems ability to understand and process visual information, such as printing. Like with many rare disorders, it seems like many teachers/doctors/parents know little about this disorder and it goes undiagnosed. I had never heard of it until I read this article.

I plan to share the article with my teachers this year, one of those things that you never know who it might help.

On a seperate note, I love reading the newspaper - but in Atlanta there is one game in town - The AJC, but in Massachusetts, there is the Boston Globe, the "rag" the Herald (which is my personal favorite) and then area papers, such as The Cape Cod Times. When I am on the Cape I buy 3 newspapers a day - the Globe, the CCTimes and the Herald (the latter is a tabloid, the best to read on the beach!) and I am going home on Sunday with a bag full of articles I have clipped from all 3 papers over the past 3 weeks. I think that I need to start doing something in school so that kids can appreciate the newspaper, you never know what kind of information you might find in there! And while being able to access my hometown papers online is great, there is NOTHING like the feeling of a newspaper in your hands and newsprint on your fingers.

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Tarcy said...

Hello Kathy from Georgia,
I am so glad that you found the article about us so interesting in the cape cod times. We had gotten so many phone calls from people who could identify with this in themselves and or their children. With this intervention my daughter read 6 books this summer and so enjoyed it, when before she never read on her own. Now she is in 5th grade and has a B in English and social studies, when year and a half ago I didn't know if I was going to be able to keep her in public school. She is doing it! I am so glad for her. You need to tell as many people you can about this. You will not believe the response you hear. In the article it said that Julie and I have started a business to help one person at a time.
We now have a website called;click and link to;

You can read the article here on our website on the link where it says in the news.

Please go their and check it out and refer it to anyone you like. I am so pleased that the article touched you.
Tracy Bowman

The Irlen Connection
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